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Every phone call attended, every email responded to, every marketing suggestion given, every web traffic report pulled and everything else is done with precision and maximum attention to detail. Not just one eye, but we always have both our eyes on quality. The third eye does the actual work.



We just don’t ‘claim’ to be innovative, but we are innovative. We always look for the fourth dimension (sometimes even the fifth) in a cube even though we know it doesn’t exist. It is this lateral (sometimes stupid) thinking that gives us the edge over other service providers



Apart from being innovators and quality seekers, we at Mediavak are keen at producing quality results to our customers. We always love numbers and that is something we have that we can show it to our customers proudly.

Our Services



In today’s world, it is all about getting noticed, and so the more people are aware of your existence, the better your business will fare. Mediavak’s Search Engine Optimization [SEO] services is targeted at increasing visibility and bringing in more traffic to the client’s websites.

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Make a bid for an ad placement by paying a small amount for each click. We offer Paid search marketing to our customers because it’s yet another tool that makes your business get noticed among millions online. We get you the attention and help you get noticed!

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Social Media Marketing

Engage your audience, Monitor the traction, ROI and spread the word through Social Media Marketing. We at Mediavak customize Social Media marketing campaigns and have a wide range of activities that are scheduled over a period of time.

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Website Design & Development

In order to have a successful business you need to think out of the box and for that you need a unique idea, unique web design and a quality web development services. You provide us the idea and at Mediavak, we provide you the other two and much more to make your business successful.

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