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Improve Website Traffic: 6 ways to improve your blog’s session duration

Improve Website Traffic: 6 ways to improve your blog’s session duration

SEO for many is just about the right keywords, backlinks and page ranking.

It is now proven that user experience is an important factor of On-Page SEO.

The UX is not just a designer’s job.

Scroll down to see how your blog’s session duration can be boosted.

1.Content always matters

Make your content upbeat, fun and interesting to read. Incorporate your humor sense a little and at the end of your blog, you can not only share a worthy piece of content but you can put a smile on your reader’s face.

Bulks of data are a pain to read. So make your paragraphs short. Be precise and sharp in your context. Write stuff to which the user can relate themselves. This creates an affiliate bond between you and the visitor.

Make the learning process interesting. It all lies with your creativity. More creative, the better.

Content creation

#tip: Include user stories, case studies and experiences.


2.Keywords are Brain’s highlighter

Use the right keywords related to your title. Do the required research about your content and learn what word readers expect on their screen. Do not spam your page for the crawlers to find.

Keeping the content simple is great, as the reader’s chance of remembering and revisiting your page is high. Use long-tail-keywords for your title, sub-headings and section headers. Bold and highlight the keywords which can grab the reader’s attention.

#tip: Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, ubersuggest.

3.Make wise use of White space

White space refers to the canvas space left in between different elements of your design. It helps the user focus on the content and maintain a streamlined and non-clutter view.

White space also called as negative space in graphic design is generally of two types:

  • Active White Space– This is the space that you make a conscious effort to add to your design for emphasis and structure. Active white space is often asymmetrical, which makes the design look more dynamic and active.
  • Passive White Space– This is the white space that occurs naturally, such as the area between words on a line or the space surrounding a logo or graphic element.

#tip: White space between paragraph and margin increases comprehension by 20%.

4.Create Videos that stand out

Videos are easy to watch and are easily shareable on social platforms. It is more comfortable for a viewer to watch a video and they will definitely this sophistication when offered.

An internet marketing survey tells that by 2017, more than 70 per cent of the web traffic will be video oriented. An explanatory video about your firm in About Us page is always a better option than a Godzilla sized post with a Sloth scrolling time.

create awesome videos
#tip: Create videos that are relevant, vivid and have good music backgrounds

5.Layout and Fonts

Page layout is the part of graphic design that deals in the arrangement of visual elements on a page. It is the first step of user experience. So find the best team to perfect this job.

Fonts are a main reason why the bounce rate of many blogs and sites have gone high. It is as simple as that. The more pleasant the font is, the more the user reads. Choose appropriate fonts for headlines, titles and sub-titles.

The probability to read depends on the quality of page layout and the maximum duration to read depends on how well the fonts are used.

Mobile compatibility is crucial as large number of users prefer reading in their smartphones and tablets.

#tip:More than 70% of web users feel comfortable to read the font Georgia

  6.Internal Linking

It is one of the best SEO practices which is used to spread link juice and establish site architecture. Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to a different page on the same domain. They are commonly used in page navigation.

Internal linking allows the spider (crawler) to browse the pathways of your site and keeps the audience engaged with the site for a longer duration.

This technique is highly effective and is indefinitely implemented by all top sites and blogs. The best example for internal linking is Wikipedia.

Internal Linking Structure

#tip:Link technical terms to related pages in your website as this sparks an interest for the reader to learn.


The world of SEO is changing.

Engaging the visitors to your website not just increases the session duration but also increases their interest towards your brand.

Hope this post has provided you with good info.