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Enjoy Writing Killer Headlines

Enjoy Writing Killer Headlines

Writing killer headlines is not all that easy. Most of us struggle to create a great header which plays a crucial part in the content marketing strategy. The success and failure of every content marketing campaign are solely based on the kind of headline you create for your content. A good headline has the capability to sell even a bad product and likewise, genuine products fail miserably because of a bad headline. Headlines are super-crucial for the success of your content; thereby the success of your product/service. But why are they such a compelling factor for content promotion?

How to create killer headlines?

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Headlines demand a boatload of attention because it is your headlines that make your audience read the body copy. Headers that sound boring and dull will fail your content for sure, however, great your content may be.

Headlines serve a simple purpose:

Why does anyone write? Obviously to get read, right? But how will readers ready anything without having any prior clue as to what the content is about? This is why you are left with no choice but to convey the subject right at the beginning of your content.

“Do not save the best for the last.”

Infuse relevant Keywords:

Keywords are nothing but search terms used by people to surf in the search engines. Ensure that you don’t miss out on the keywords since they play a significant role in optimizing your content for the search engines. So it is a must that you place your primary keyword in your header so that search engines place you right in front your target audience.

Use Numbers:

It is a proven fact that readers get attracted to headlines with numbers, especially vague ones. Bigger the number, higher the opportunity for your content to be preferred by readers. When you settle upon a list type content, always target a big number as readers will always want more and more of info. So, give them as much as you can but forget not to mention what you have for them, in the headlines itself.

Brevity is the soul of wit:

Though you have to keep your headlines short and sweet, let it be razor-sharp and to-the-point as well. Long and confusing headlines will not even get your first line read by the readers. 6 to 7 words are all that you have to create a smashing headline. Stick to the limit. Lengthy ones will get truncated by search engines and you might miss out on important terms. Hope you don’t want that to happen.

You can also analyze your headlines with CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer.

Go for  Verbs and Adjectives:

Remember that you need to capture the interest and attention of your readers. Simply put, an enticing headline is all that you have to create. Use more of action verbs and adjectives (relevant and appealing). Stay away from basic adjective like beautiful, fantastic and amazing etc. Pick different adjectives, those that will suit perfectly your content.


The term “you” will give a personalized touch to your headers and it will reflect the concern you have for your readers. Stay away from referring to facts from your point of view. Show your readers that you think from their standpoint. Make use of terms that refer to “them” and not to your brand. When you use terms such as “we” (referring to your brand), it might seem a little self-centered and promotional.

Fracture the rules of Grammar:

You’re no more a school kid or a grammar Nazi to bother about flawless grammar usage in your headlines. What you need is a headline that will captivate readers to your content. So, it’s completely alright if you fracture the rules of grammar in order to achieve a killer headline because what you need is a reader converting into a potential customer and not full credits in a grammar test.

Use When, What, Why and How:

Contents with “How to” headline greatly works till date. Studies show that “how to” is the most sought after term in the search engines for two main reasons- one, people have a problem and two, they want to know how to get rid of it. When you create a “how to” headline, it simply reflects that your content has a solution for your readers. These Wh-questions are usually referred as the ‘trigger’ terms that persuade and influence the reader to click open the content for reading.

Almost all of us want to give a magnetic killer headline to our contents, but somewhere we fail, which is why headlines also fail our content. Headlines fail when we fail to be precise and to-the-point, most importantly, when we fail to specific.

Headers are the backbone of your content. So spend more time on arriving at a proper headline; one that will get you more click-through rates. When you start writing your content, create a sample headline alone but mend it later. The best time to improvise on your headline is when you are done with your content because the headline and the content should sound relevant. Stay away from puns and cliches and try to be as specific as possible with your headlines. What culminates at the end will be worth all the effort and time spent on it.